If you change the image dimensions to something that gives you the desired ratio (16:9 in this case), the image is sized properly, but it is compressed, not cropped.

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Spare ribs cow boudin shank chuck. Corned beef jerky chicken jowl, sirloin ball tip kevin. Shankle short loin leberkas, bacon jowl tail pork belly turducken tri-tip sausage. Ham hamburger pancetta spare ribs pastrami turkey pig ham hock jowl bacon tri-tip. Turducken landjaeger cow sirloin beef jerky, ground round kevin. Tongue tail tenderloin, biltong kielbasa bacon beef tri-tip. Tongue andouille biltong, burgdoggen pig filet mignon frankfurter t-bone pork cow shoulder rump ham hock short loin turducken.

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