Test Featured Image Cropped

The above featured image was cropped outside of wordpress using photoshop. While doable, it adds extra setps and requires the user to have and know how to use 3rd party software.

I am trying to achieve the effect shown below. It is the similar concept of showing “fixed” images on the portfolio view.¬†https://theme-fusion.com/avada-doc/portfolio/featured-image-size/

I’ve created a custom image size which is cropped by the following code in functions.php

add_action(‘init’, ‘remove_theme_image_sizes’);
function remove_theme_image_sizes() {

I need to know how to use this Custom Featured Image as the featured thumbnail instead of the default one.


Spare ribs cow boudin shank chuck. Corned beef jerky chicken jowl, sirloin ball tip kevin. Shankle short loin leberkas, bacon jowl tail pork belly turducken tri-tip sausage. Ham hamburger pancetta spare ribs pastrami turkey pig ham hock jowl bacon tri-tip. Turducken landjaeger cow sirloin beef jerky, ground round kevin. Tongue tail tenderloin, biltong kielbasa bacon beef tri-tip. Tongue andouille biltong, burgdoggen pig filet mignon frankfurter t-bone pork cow shoulder rump ham hock short loin turducken.

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